A stomach full of worry never got me very far.

I cut, like, a foot of hair off of my head and I am a little sad about it! The long, knotted wig I wore was just too in the way recently and had to go. The ends were split, the middles were dead, and now the roots are my natural dookie-hued shade :/ Since having it fixed up and flattened out at the salon, I don't feel very sad, though, so that "little" is an improvement. I think maybe I'll just leave my hair alone for a while now; no cuts, no colors. Eventually I'll be the girl from Frozen again. (Frozen was a perfect movie, by the way, maybe the best movie ever made???????)

I've got the GREs happening this Wednesday and a fifteen-page paper happening sometime between now and when I write it before its December 15th deadline. And then maybe I have more college things like that come January. Or maybe I'll change my mind again, or worry and fret some more over what I want and what is next. I wish I could get through to my brain and make some decisions! And free myself of resentfulness and sad feelings and thinking too much, and also I need to relearn algebra by December 4th.

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